Eco Tuk featured on the intermediar website

Check out Eco Tuk’s profile on the website of one the leading carreer websites of the Netherlands.

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Interview Eco Tuk on NCDO website

Check out this article in Dutch on the ‘Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen’ website featuring Eco Tuk.

One of the key notes from Eco Tuk in this interview is “Take a careful look towards the added value of your product or idea”

For Eco Tuk this means determining surrounding stakeholders like, local and national governments, and last but not least the Auto-Rickshaw drivers, and add value for all of them by making use of our products!

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TukTuk Maintenance Service

From the early start of the company, Eco Tuk B.V. has been developing multiple after market engine conversion kits for different types of TukTuks. By doing so the company has built up expertise in the complete maintenance of the TukTuk, as well as in overhauling the engine and other key systems.

So Eco Tuk decided to offer a specialized TukTuk maintenance service. Form more info, click here! or contact us via


Alliance Finance Company Green Pledge

Our Partner Alliance Finance Company is featured on the website of the Daily FT from Sri Lanka. The article is high lining all the green initiatives of the company and also mentions the Eco Tuk project.
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New website theme

When the new year 2013 began, Eco Tuk reviewed the website and came to the conclusion that it needed some revitalisation and professionalization! And yeah we gave it a go and gave the website a new theme!

With this fresh website the looks are matched again with revolution and professionalization of the company Eco Tuk and its core values.

The accent of the new theme is more on High Tech, but however the company’s mission and vision remain the same and will come forward out the projects that will benefit all the surrounding parties of Eco Tuk!

If you have some tips or feedback to further improve the website please don’t hesitate to contact us!


The Eco Tuk team


New service offered by Eco Tuk

As you all probably know, Eco Tuk is busy converting TukTuks, Auto-Rickshaws, Trishaws  into more sustainable vehicles and more profitable for their owners whom are mostly located in the Bottom of the Pyramid and make a business out of it! However Eco Tuk is more than just that! Eco Tuk is above all a R&D company with specific skills and experience, and we feel it is now the time to start up new projects. So if you are in need of R&D, or just someone to think alongside with you, or validate, perhaps Eco Tuk can help you!

For a complete overview of our R&D services, click here!

Eco Tuk can offer competitive prices and is always willing to think along with its clients.

We hope we can offer you our services.


Eco Tuk B.V. featured in Sunday Times SL

October 21st, our partner Alliance Finance Company in Sri Lanka was telling about our project and business in the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka. Also the German embassy is introduced as one of the supporters of the project and the trishaw drivers.

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New Network & Matchmaking service

Eco Tuk B.V. offers a new service. In the past few years Eco Tuk B.V. has developed an extended network in specific countries and branches. Like for example: Sri Lanka, Cleantech and Automotive.

If you are looking for business opportunities or if your are looking for specific expertise,  please contact us here!

For more information regarding our new service, please go to:

products – Network & Matchmaking


Eco Tuk in local newspaper “De Gelderlander”

Last Saturday, “De Gelderlander” featured Eco Tuk B.V. in their newspaper. The main subject of the article was the 10 year anniversary of the HAN Center of Entrepreneurship. The HAN CoE has been a great help for Eco Tuk B.V. the last couple of years!

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Doen Foundation project-paper 2012

The annual DOEN Foundation (stichting DOEN) Project-paper 2012 is published. The paper features all the DOEN-projects, including ours. You can read about Eco Tuk on page 13. Click here to view the paper!

DOEN Foundation projectpaper 2012